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Welcome to this website on stammering and UK disability discrimination law.

The site looks mainly at how Great Britain's Equality Act 2010 (which has replaced the Disability Discrimination Act 1995) applies to people who stammer. "Stammering" is the same as "stuttering".

Mainly for people who stammer:

For business:

Equality law in outline

Not familiar with equality law on disability? This gives you a broad outline.

Is the stammer a "disability"?

To fall within the Equality Act you need to have a "disability". A stammer will very often count as one.


What is discrimination? The Equality Act includes at least five different types of claim for discrimination and harrassment.


Equal treatment and reasonable adjustments for employment. Also new rules limiting questions to job applicants.

Information for business

Information on this site and elsewhere for businesses and other organisations.

Provision of services

People who stammer have rights as customers/clients of businesses and other service providers


Schools, and further and higher education.

Sources of help and advice

for people who stammer, particularly on the Equality Act - advice agencies etc


Internet links on the Equality Act/DDA, and worldwide

Guidelines for service providers

Specifically aimed at businesses and others interested in access/customer service issues for people who stammer.

Additional Material:

Proposed changes
Equality Act 2010
Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
Public Sector Equality Duty
Human Rights Act
European Union
International Instruments
About this website
About me and my partner
Disability hate crimes
Not wanting to be viewed as "disabled"
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I would be very interested to hear any comments on the website, and indeed any personal experiences of discrimination or lack of it. Email: allan@atyrer.net.

This website is published in a personal capacity and is not linked with any organisation.

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