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Housing benefit and council tax benefit

These help with rent and council tax. A claimant with a very severe stammer (or possibly where there is also cluttering) may be entitled to the disability premium, which can increase the amount of benefit.

Housing benefit (HB) helps people pay their rent. Main council tax benefit (CTB) is obviously for council tax.

You may be automatically entitled to HB and CTB on the basis that you are entitled to income-based Jobseekers allowance - or certain other benefits such as income-related ESA or income support. (If a 'second adult' in the house is entitled to one of these benefits, 'second adult rebate' for council tax may be available if it is more beneficial than main CTB.)

Where you are not automatically entitled to HB and CTB on the basis of receiving another benefit, one looks at whether and how far your income exceeds the 'applicable amount'. This is a figure representing your weekly living needs.

This 'applicable amount' can be increased by the disability premium where that applies. The disability premium may apply if you have a very severe stammer, or a stammer combined with other disabilities. (The disability premium does not apply to HB and CTB if you have established an entitlement to ESA, but ESA is not available on the basis of a stammer as such).

If the disability premium is relevant, then depending on the figures it can increase your entitlement to HB and CTB, or give you an entitlement where you wouldn't otherwise have one.

The applicable amount can also be increased by a 'disabled child premium' if a child living with you gets DLA, for example the DLA lower rate mobility component.

In the context of HB and CTB, entitlement to the disability premium can help in claiming the £20 earnings disregard, the childcare costs earnings disregard, and the 16-hours earnings disregard. Also, meeting the disability premium tests can help in claiming HB and CTB at all if you are a full-time student.

Housing benefit is to be replaced by the Universal Credit from 2013, under the Welfare Reform Bill.


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