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Welfare Reform Act 2012

The Welfare Reform Act 2012 will introduce a Universal Credit to replace many existing benefits. The aim is to ensure that everyone will be better off in work than out of it.

The Welfare Reform Act 2012 (link to disabilityrightsuk.org) has as its central measure a means-tested 'universal credit' (below) which will replace many existing benefits.

There will be a £26,000 per year cap on benefits for working age households.

Also a Personal Indepedence Payment is to replace Disability Living Allowance.

Universal credit

Universal credit is to be an integrated means-tested working age benefit. It will apply both to people in work and people who are out of work. More on the universal credit: Disability Rights UK Factsheet: 'Universal credit' (link to disabilityrightsuk.org).

Some changes under the Welfare Reform Act, for example on ESA, have already taken effect.

Links on the Act


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