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Working tax credit, including disability element

Working tax credit is often payable whether or not one has a disability. However, a person with a very severe stammer (or possibly combined with cluttering) may be entitled to an additional 'disability element' if they are, or were recently, claiming another disability benefit.

Possible grounds for claiming Working Tax Credit (WTC), if your income is below certain levels, include:

There are also other ways to qualify. If you are entitled to WTC, it will most likely be on grounds such as these, unrelated to your stammer. So certainly don't discount WTC if (as is likely) the disability ground below does not apply to you. However, this section of the website focuses on aspects of benefits which may be particularly relevant to stammering, so I will mention specifically the 'disability element'...

Disability element

Assuming you work at least 16 hours per week, there is a possible disability ground for claiming WTC. Importantly, this disability ground may also increase the amount of benefit payable by entitling you to the 'disability element' of WTC. The ground can apply if both:

This 'difficulty in being understood' test for WTC disability element is similar to a test under the Personal Capability Assessment, which is used for the disability premium. You may feel you meet the 'difficulty in being understood' test but have not been receiving any disability/sickness benefit so as to meet the first requirement above for WTC disability element. In that case one thing to look at might be whether you are entitled to claim disability premium, with housing benefit for example, which might also entitle you to the WTC disability element.

Working tax credit is adminstered by HM Revenue & Customs.

Tax credits are due to be replaced by the Universal Credit from 2013. See Welfare Reform Bill.

Child tax credit

This is for people who are responsible for children. It can be available whether or not one is working, if one's income is within certain limits. A 'disabled child element' is included where a child receives Disability Living Allowance.

More on Tax Credits:


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