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What if I am not employed by the person?

The 'employment' provisions in Part 5 of the Equality Act 2010 actually cover various other work-related situations. This page gives an overview.


Self-employed people may be included in the employment provisions if they are not in substance independent providers. See Employees and beyond: Self-employed?.

Contract workers, agency workers

There are 'contract worker' rules which can protect agency workers, people on secondment, and others who work for someone who is not legally their employer See Contract worker rules.

Special types of work

There is protection for various non-employment situations, such as police, office holders, partnerships, barristers/advocates, local councillors, and work experience. Apprentices are also covered. See Employees and beyond.


The position is disputed, but on current case law volunteers only seem to be covered in limited situations. See Volunteers.

Trade unions and and professional organisations

There are rules against discrimination by trade organisations, which includes trade unions, employers organisations and professional institutions.

There are also rules against discrimination by professional/trade qualifications bodies such as the General Medical Council, the Law Society, the Public Carriage Office, and CORGI.

Recruitment agents, vocational training etc

There are special rules on discrimination against customers of 'employment services'. Employment services can include various recruitment agency services, vocational guidance, vocational training (including work experience), and some other services


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