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These pages do not apply outside Great Britain.

Proposed changes

This page summarises some key proposed changes. There are also links to more detailed pages on particular areas. The proposed changes do not necessarily apply to Northern Ireland.

Resolving workplace disputes

Major changes are happening in this area. They include:

For more: Proposed employment changes: Resolving workplace disputes.

Red Tape Challenge

The idea of this is to get rid of unnecessary red tape.

Proposed employment repeal

In summary, three employment provisions are being repealed:

See Proposed employment changes: Red Tape Challenge: employment repeals.

Public sector equality duty

A review of the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) was published in September 2013. No changes are currently proposed to the legislation. However the review makes various recommendations, with the emphasis being to cut unnecessary bureaucracy which is not required to comply with the PSED. See Proposed changes: PSED.

Reform of Equality and Human Rights Commission

The Government is cutting back the powers and duties of the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Its staff is also being very substantially reduced. See EHRC: Proposals for reform 2011-2012.

Equality Act 2010

Most of the Equality Act came into force on 1st October 2010, but a very small number of provisions have yet to take effect. More on Equality Act 2010...


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